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Business Meeting

Corporate Partners

vifiki Enables Corporate Mobility

We cater to large corporations who seek to facilitate business travel and lower their carbon footprint.

vifiki promotes sustainability. We believe this goes hand in hand with business productivity and efficiency. 

If you are a global corporation doing business in Europe, contact us today to find out how we can help you.

vifiki Partners

vifiki is seeking Partners throughout Europe:

  • Co-working chains

  • Single-location co-working spaces

  • Hotel & Corporate Lodging chains

  • Business Concierge Services

  • High-end Restaurants, Bars, Cafés, Bakeries

  • Office Equipment vendors

  • Conferences organizers

  • Markets, mini-markets

  • Food delivery vendors

  • Private transportation (auto, jet, yacht)

  • Leisure & Entertainment

Busy Street

vifiki Promotes Your Business

Become a vifiki Partner today and allow our marketplace to generate activity for your business.  Our digital platform interfaces with popular apps and factors in the customer goals, budget, and location in order to connect you to your target audience in real time.

Our app's payment module saves time  by allowing subscribers to place an order without having to re-enter payment details. As a one-stop-app marketplace, vifiki increases your exposure and makes your business highly accessible to your customers, on the go.

To join the vifiki network, please contact us today. 

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