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The 4th Industrial Revolution changed the work paradigm forever. Working people are no longer constrained by time and space.

Vifiki Launches 2023

VIF Spaces is proud to announce the upcoming launch of our flagship app. vifiki is a digital marketplace enabling digital nomads,  catering to business travelers and benefitting global corporations that value efficiency, flexibility and sustainability. 

Our digital platform will provide easy access to offices space and related essential services which meet your needs anytime and anywhere in the world. 

vifiki is the key to doing business on the go.

We’re Growing Our Network…

But We Need Your Help! 

vifiki is seeking Partners to join our network:

  • Flexible Workspace Communities

  • Business Concierge Services

  • Office Equipment Vendors

  • Conference Organizers

  • Hotels & Corporate Lodging

  • Food & Beverage providers

  • Transportation providers

  • Leisure & Entertainment

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