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Welcome to VIF SPACES 

VIF is a flexible workspace company and the developer of the vifiki office marketplace.  Our mission is to offer communal and sustainable work environments as well as essential services to business travelers, on demand. Our vision is to scale the flexible workspace industry across the globe, in a holistic and comprehensive manner, coupled with technological advancements.


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The 4th Industrial Revolution changed the work paradigm forever.

Working people are no longer constrained by time and space.

Our Values

VIF is Dedicated to Sustainability and Community

Sustainability is Efficiency.

More than ever before, traveling is part of business. In the age of mobility, VIF promotes the values of flexible workspace solutions and reducing the true cost of doing business, the carbon footprint. At the same time, our platform reduces travel time and mitigates inefficiencies by providing easy access to everything a business traveler needs.


One stick alone can be broken, but not hundreds of sticks working together is durable, sturdy, and unbreakable. Working as a community promotes teamwork, encourages growth, and sustains profits for all of us. By harnessing collaborative energy and eliminating wasteful activities both on a business level (misallocation of resources) and on an environmental level, VIF can empower the global community. By eliminating the need for traditional centralized workspace, we aim to revolutionize the business world by uniting workers and businesses.

Sharing means caring.

VIF encourages Co-working facility operators to meet environment-friendly standards utilizing solar energy resources, water-saving facilities/techniques, public transportation vouchers, bicycles, prohibiting plastics products, and promoting sustainable waste solutions. By sharing both the resources and the responsibility for improving the planet and every community around the world, we can propel business owners and workers to greater achievements.

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